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Johann Sebastian Bach, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Niccolo Paganini, Igor Stravinsky...

  1. Edith Canat de Chizy, Le Vol blanc for two violins
    and electronics (created by and dedicated to Jean Leber)
    avec Jacques Ghestem,
  2. Gualtiero Dazzi, Diptyque for solo violin
    (created by and dedicated to Jean Leber)
  3. Philip Glass, Strung out, for violin
  4. Christophe Havel, Dissidences, for violin and electronics (created by and dedicated to Jean Leber)
  5. Philippe Hurel, L'âme en fête for two violins,
  6. Arne Nordheim, Für Paul, for violin and electronics
  7. Philippe Raynaud, Libre, for violin and electronics
    (created by and dedicated to Jean Leber)
  8. Yann Robin, Draft II , for violin (created by and dedicated to Jean Leber)
  9. Kaija Saariaho, Nocturne for solo violin,
  10. Iannis Xenakis, Mikka for solo violin.
Kaija Saariaho, Nocturne

Octuor de Paris

Rehearsal session: Anaktoria by Xenakis

Along with the violist Michel Walès, Jean Leber founded the Octuor de Paris in 1965 with which he toured during 15 years across the major European capitals as well as Japan, USSR and Latin America.
Among the many recordings of that ensemble, their Octuor by Franz Schubert was awarded the Grand Prix du disque in 1969.
Well aware of his interest for contemporary music, composers such as Claude Baliff, Alain Bancquart, Francois-Bernard Mâche, Alain Weber and Iannis Xenakis have written for the Octuor.
Among all the pieces created by the Octuor de Paris, the flagship/highlight of course is Anaktoria by Iannis Xenakis written in 1969. This piece, commissioned by the Fédération Musicale Populaire for the Octuor de Paris and meant to be performed in Paris' suburbs, was played more than 200 times by this ensemble in such locations as well as during the Avignon Festival.

Iannis Xenakis, Anaktoria

Quatuor à Cordes de Paris

Quatuor à Cordes de Paris

In 1982, he founded the Quatuor à Cordes de Paris with which was immediately booked for tours in Australia, South-East Asia, Netherlands, Portugal, FRG and Switzerland.
The Quatuor à Cordes de Paris was composed of Jean Leber and Gérard Klam (violins), Tasso Adamopoulos (viola) and Philippe Cherond (cello).
The repertoire ranging from Joseph Haydn to Iannis Xenakis, covered all styles and periods.
The Quatuor also commissioned pieces to composers such as Carlos Roque Alsina (Voie avec voix, created at the Strasbourg Festival in 1984), George Aperghis or Marc Monet.

Sylvio Lazzari, Quatuor à cordes en la mineur Op.17

Ensemble orchestral de Marseille

Ensemble Orchestral de Marseille

In 1986, he founded and directed the Ensemble Orchestral de Marseille whose repertoire ranged from baroque to contemporary works. Then again, Jean Leber commissions a number of pieces to several composers amongst which George Boeuf and Lucien Guérinel as well as Michèle Reverdy for whom he creates Propos Félins at the Maison de la Radio in Paris on October 17th 1989 with the Maîtrise de Radio-France (choir school).

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Concerto pour flûte et harpe K.299

1 CD Caliope CAL9216

First Prize of violin at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique de Paris at 16 and Chamber Music Prize in Joseph Calvet's class.

The next year, in 1957, the Henryk Wienawski International Prize.

Wieniawski Henryk, La Vélocité

Jean Leber (violin) in 1957

Jean Leber in 1957

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Sonate K.296

Ancuza Aprodu (piano)

Edouard Lalo, Allegro vivo
du Quatuor Op.45

1 CD Le Chant du Monde 278807

Iannis Xenakis, Mikka
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