Condom (Gers), Abbaye de Flaran
July 30th, 2018 at 8:30 pm
"Nuits Musicales en Armagnac"
Works by Chevalier de St Georges, Mozart and Ravel
World premiere by Roger Tessier dedicated to Jean Leber, Les constellations oubliées
Quatuor à cordes Storioni :
Jean Leber (violin)
Chantal Dury (violin)
Benoît Marin (viola)
Raymond Maillard (cello)

Ploubazlanec (Côtes-d'Armor), Eglise de Loguivy
August 12th, 2018 at 9:00 pm
"Chapelles et Manoirs en musique"
Schubert, Mozart and Beethoven
Quatuor classique de Paris :
Jean Leber (violin)
Stéphane Limonaire (flute)
Benoît Marin (viola)
René Benedetti (cello)

Jean Leber
D'un coup d'archet...

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Interviews with François Porcile

Editions MF
Collection Paroles, 2014
ISBN : 9 78 2915 794700
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Transcription by Jean Leber

This new anthology Exercices, Choral et Danses, music by Erik Satie transcribed for 2 violins is destined for people who just started 2nd cycle.
It favours a musical curiosity to the creative diversity of that composer and also develops the pleasure of playing ensemble music.
Those exercises, extracts, snippets, inspired musical moments, constitute an internalized introduction contrasting with the "Dances" of Piège de Méduse, representative of an early 20th century "parisian life".




Transcription by Jean Leber

This petite trilogie by Erik Satie has been transcribed for 2 young violinists. (beginner level in 1st position) wishing to play ensemble music.
This score for two violins and an optional narrator allows beginners to meet, as soon as the first year of practice, with the original musical universe of the composer.
The small text is also on Erik Satie's score. Young people will smile while reading the description of the characters and their environment. But we are in 1913 and we know the fantasy and sense of humour which characterized Satie in his vision of those days.

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Erik Satie, Songerie

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